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  • TBM <3's Savage Love!

    While we're getting caught up on our various reviews, I thought that I'd write about one of my favorites--though it isn't properly a review at all, but more a very positive mention.

    A couple of weeks ago, Dan Savage, editor-in-chief of The Stranger, used TBM as an illustration of ethical BDSM porn in his column Savage Love.

    I was thrilled, of course, not only because of his kind words but also because I read and enjoy Savage Love regularly, and have an ever-increasing amount of respect for its author. (The free publicity from a widely-read and nationally-syndicated column kicked a lot of ass, too. *g*)

    Check it out, and then work your way through the column's archives, because there's a lot of good stuff in there!

  • interesting workshop this weekend

    I'm really excited about a workshop here in Seattle this Sunday: Moving Bodies Through Space: Body Manipulation and Control to Enhance Your Bondage Scene. Not a takedown workshop exactly, but it's a lot of the same skills. Lauren and I are going, along with some other people we know...

    Sleepy so not with the eloquent, but if you're in town this should be well worth the Sunday afternoon.

  • new review

    We just got a nice review from SugarBank; related to SugarClick (mentioned earlier), but covering the site in its current incarnation.

    Couple quotes that made me happy:

    "Itâ??s refreshing to see BDSM presented as something sexy and loving, not tortured and degrading."
    "Sites this good make the future of porn seem a little brighter"

    Less happy about the reviewer characterizing enjoying BDSM as 'ever so slightly wrong in the head'.

    And I'm not sure how I feel about being compared to Right Said Fred. :)

  • 'Provoking Ktty' sample

    Here's something fun and a little different--a sample of outtakes from the Provoking Ktty shoot.

    We like to include outtakes in our video footage whenever we can. Sometimes things don't happen as we plan them, and I think that it's as important to show how we handle it when things go wrong as it is to show everything going right. Also, it's pretty damned amusing. I mean, honestly, the potential for unintended hilarity in any form of sex is pretty high, more so with BDSM, and especially so when you're filming the whole thing. This particular scene had more than its share of Murphy's Law moments. *g* Between a higher than usual amount of the Obstinacy of Inanimate Objects and Ktty's tendency to turn into a wiseass as soon as she thinks the camera's not pointed at her, we got some great material. Enjoy!

  • Older reviews

    We've been reviewed by a number of places over time- this set all predates our switch to pay-per-download.

    Janesguide reviewed us when we first launched, then re-reviewed us a year or so later. Favorite quotes:
    "There is a deep level of care, friendship, and fun that penetrates the whole project."
    "fun, sassy, kinky, vibrant, and intimately nasty BDSM delivered with a grin and a punch."

    Audacia Ray gave us another nice review on SugarClick (I'm not sure if they're related to SugarBank or not, I'd kind of assume so). The pull quote was "BDSM scenes that are playful, hot and respectful of both viewer and doer," which I liked. gave us a very thorough review early on, and a quick revisit last year. They've got some really neat ideas with building numeric scores based on different criteria and totaling them, I like the transparency that gives the final number. We got a medium-good number, but they also did four separate full-page editor reviews (and paragraph re-reviews)! I wish those were more visually apparent on the page, it actually took me a bit to notice them and I think getting the four different perspectives is really informative. We're going to try to get a complete re-review with these guys soon, since we've made such a major format change. They didn't have quite so much in the way of little sound-bite quotes, probably the best was "a quality fetish package with a lot of personality."

    Jaxon Jagonov also gave us a nice review. My favorite quote:
    "Everyone's having authentic fun on TwoBigMeanies. They're doing what comes naturally and expressing their freaky thing with gusto. And while they're having fun, they're also aware they've got a paying audience, and they do a good job of being entertaining. It can't be an easy balance to strike - having real sex (or whatever you want to call what they're doing) while also simultaneously putting on an entertaining performance, but TwoBigMeanies does it admirably."

  • Kitty's Cookies

    (Sorry, not available to purchase at the moment - this will eventually be on Lovingly Handmade Pornography.)

    This was kind of a different shoot than our usual deal- more posed, less kinetic, but plenty of penetration. It was the first time I'd shot with someone who wasn't a regular play partner (early shoot!), and we wanted to experiment with something different. I think it worked out okay, there are definitely a number of good moments, but we've pretty much stuck with our strengths since.

    We role-played that Kitty was selling cookies for *ahem* some youth organization. Or maybe I was luring her in with cookies. Something like that. Roleplay not always my strong suit. ^-^ I still did some of my usual roughing-up-against-the-wall, which she really liked. After feeding her a cookie, I gave her a thorough spanking, then a _special_ spanking with a good-sized silicone cock- first over my lap then with her wrists chained to the base of a Saint Andrew's Cross. We finished up the scene chaining her up with her back to the rack while I beat her with a wet noodle. Okay, not technically a wet noodle, but about the same mass. This is more fun than you might think because you can get a really satisfying swing, say at a pretty girl's cunt, without doing damage. After I'd hit her Very Personal And Private Kitty Bits really hard a few times, she was done and we wrapped up with a quick exit interview.

    cute behind-the-scenes shot behind the cut...

  • Emily being a smartass

    This is a sample clip from one of our earliest shoots (Playing with Emily), of Emily being a giant smartass under duress.

    The dialog:
    Me: Say 'thank you'.
    Emily: Thank you.
    Me: 'Thank you' again...
    Emily: Thank you again.
    Me: Say 'thank you' and mean it!
    Emily: Thank you and mean it!

    She's pretty cute. ^-^

    I thought it might be nice to give a sample of the video and audio quality of our older stuff, both so people won't be scared off by the 'older' label, and for comparison. This far back, we had a single inexpensive camcorder with its built-in mic, and a couple halogen worklights. This particular shoot remains one of my very favorites we've done (both for fun and for hotness), but our technical quality has improved a lot since then.

    We're posting shoots very much out of order, if you want a sense of how old a shoot is look at the number. 'tbm02' is the oldest and 'tbm48' is the newest at the moment. I think our equipment timeline is something like:
    tbm02-: halogen worklights, cheap camera, builtin mic
    tbm04-: slightly better lights, external mic
    tbm10-: shiny new camera, good external mic
    tbm11-: start shooting two-camera
    tbm13-: much better lights
    tbm16-: even better lights
    tbm23-: better second camera
    tbm35-: second really good external mic

    We also brought on a much better editor around tbm15- Red has edited most of our video since then, and I think she does a better job of telling a story than I do.

  • Nikki in Cable Ties

    Shorts avilable to purchase here, here, and here.

    I'm not so much about bondage usually- it's more a means to an end (cute helpless girl) than a scene in itself. I do like zipties though. This scene is more about bondage rather than our usual roughhousing, but we also played nice and hard. Nikki was really pretty immobilized in the setup we kept for most of the shoot, and I did mean things to her exposed like that. I'm very happy with the result!

    We started out experimenting with rigging- initially her arms were up following the X of the steel cross, but that just wasn't sustainable (we kept a few pictures though). Once we'd figured out a good position, we started playing. I used a horsehair whisk to target practice on the hood of her clit to make sure she couldn't go anywhere. ^-^ Then we _really_ got started...

    (Incidentally, if you've looked at her headshot on our models page and wondered about the little black halo over her head, that was from this shoot. We set up a ziptie to keep her head from falling back between the pokey metal bits on the cross.)

    Nikki isn't a fan of sting, she'd much prefer thud (cf the nice orgasm from flogging in 'Introducing Nikki'). I did want to push her though, so we went back and forth. I used a couple different paddle-type things on her breasts, thighs, and cunt, plus a bunch of slapping and other fun with my hands. I also spent some time tracing a sharp knife over her exposed skin. Nikki makes great sounds, and when you push her hard, her lower lip trembles _really_ nicely. I asked the video folks to make sure to catch that, and they did. ^-^

    Some of this shoot is a little edgy looking- we've done some heavier shoots intensity-wise, but there ended up being some scary-looking imagery in this one. The knife against her cunt, a bit of gently hitting her pubic mound with my closed fist, the look on her face while I was giving her some hard slaps up between her legs... The connection between us while we're doing it all is really visible, though. I think for me that's the hottest part of the scene, watching her struggle to process while looking right into my eyes, the back-and-forth of energy.

    I could have kept going with that part of the scene for about 497 years, including things we can't show on video but that Nikki and I would certainly enjoy. We had other stuff we wanted to do, though. She has a really cute butt, and you couldn't see it with her against the rack like that. So, we thought we'd take a break and bend her over a metal cage, ziptie-ing her ankles and wrists to it. While she was fastened down, I started working over her ass with a sap (which was really tough to handle), then switched off to a nice thuddy flogger.

    Nikki had never played with fire before, and was curious about it. So, eventually I used another ziptie to tie her hair up (fire + loose hair = bad), and fastened her back to the rack. Since this part of the scene wasn't going to be very long, I fastened her arms over her head the way we'd started, albeit in a slightly easier position. Fire's not really painful the way we did it, but it certainly gets the full attention of your hindbrain! We didn't get many pictures or much video of it, fire is tough to capture, but I think there's still enough to be worthwhile. Nikki liked it and expressed desire to do more, but we've never gotten around to it...

    Hope you enjoy this- please go buy the stills and video in the store! There's a button up above that'll take you there. ^-^

  • Stress Relief

    Buy shorts from this here, here, here, and here.

    We did this shoot a few days pre-christmas, and the holiday spirit of stress was in the air. So, Rose and I opted for a very straightforward scene: chain her up, slap/spank/paddle her breasts, slap/spank/paddle her ass, then flog the heck out of her back until she got off. No complicated theme, minimal planning, just a simple intense scene.

    The breast play was particularly good here. Rose has really nice tits and the bondage position was one that displayed and made them vulnerable, plus left her just mobile enough for good squirming and struggling. I've got a particular kink for slapping breasts around, and we spent plenty of time doing exactly that. There was also some good hard paddling of her ass, but the tit torture in this scene continues to be some of my very favorite.

    Rose was also clever and kept finding ways to unhook the wrist cuffs and grab at toys I was using on her- that made for a nice playful scene with lots of interaction that wasn't just physical. We had a fun time and I think both came out of it much more relaxed and happy with life than we'd gone in. You can watch the glee when she gets a bamboo skewer away from me and breaks it into little pieces...

    Once her ass and tits were bright (bright) red, we moved to the second part of the scene, a hard flogging. The focus of that was all about gratifying her, honestly, and I was happy to. The fundamental thing about flogging once you get past all the technical stuff is finding the right rhythm. There's the overall scene shape which you can view as an up and down rhythm of intensity, and the more specific timing and intensity of strokes to get someone where you're both trying to go. I spent some time exploring to find the right one with her, and she struggled with it, started crying pretty early on. We worked through the tears to cathartic release and orgasm for her, then some gentle aftercare and a good interview about her experience.

  • Candy for Washington State Ms Leather

    Those of you in Seattle who aren't going down to Portland for either the Vampire Masquerade Ball or Kinkfest should go to the Cuff Complex for the leather contest this Saturday. Our friend (and model) Miss Candy is competing to be the Washington State Ms Leather titleholder!