• Decorating Angelene

    (Sorry, not available to purchase at the moment - this will eventually be on Lovingly Handmade Pornography.)

    Angelene was the first model I ever worked with that I hadn't met before, and it was a great experience. She and I connected through a livejournal community that I had been posting TBM teasers in. She liked our work, and I liked hers, so when she flew into Seattle for a "Queering Femininity" conference, we decided to get together and shoot.

    I didn't know a whole lot about her kinks from our conversations, but I did know that she was strongly femme-identified, so I decided to build a scene around accesorizing her natural beauty. *g* I wanted pretty, I wanted shiny, and I wanted sensation that would be fun for her without pushing too far into uncharted territory.

    The weather cooperated by providing a sexy soundtrack--you'll be able to hear the thunder and the lightning raging outside on the video. I put Angelene in the World's Most Hideously Uncomfortable Bondage Chair, and I set to work. Black-dyed hemp and bright red bondage tape looked gorgeous against her skin and made sure she wouldn't wriggle away! I added feathered clothespins (Do you know how long it takes to hot-glue feathers to clothespins? I to tender bits of skin and then topped the whole creation off with lots and lots of hot wax.

    The title to this one ended up being a little misleading, since UNdecorating her--yanking off the clamps and scraping the wax away with a sharp knife--was as much a part of the fun as getting her that way. Her reactions were great, and we both had a blast with the whole thing.

    Angelene and I still keep in touch, so maybe if we're lucky, you'll see her on TBM again someday!

    (245 stills, 25:53 of video, plus outtakes (640x480 QuickTime @900kbps), 214MB total)