Welcome to Two Big Meanies! We're Russell and Lauren, and we want to show you something we don't see enough of in porn - connection and genuine enjoyment. We do our best to provide authentic, energetic, and original BDSM content. Many of our models are people we play with off-camera as well and we try to bring that sense of enjoyment to the camera. We have a simple pay-per-download structure rather than subscriptions because we don't want to be on an update treadmill- we'd rather do scenes we feel inspired by. Follow the blog to find out when we put new material in the store, to read more about what happens at our shoots, or just to keep up with our random comments. Right now we're working through our back-catalog from when we ran a subscription site, but we'll mix in new shoots as we do them.

Frequently-asked questions:

Those things that you're doing look scary/mean/owie. Why would you do that?

That's a good question, and one that has spawned a lot of discussion over the years. We do it because we think it's fun, and because it gets us off. We take great pains (no pun intended) to ensure the informed consent and physical/emotional safety of the people who bottom to us. An acronym that has seen growing use as a guideline in SM play is RACK - Risk Aware Consensual Kink. We take steps to reduce risk in what we do to a level that all parties deem acceptable, and we play only with persons who are able and willing to give consent. If you'd like to pursue more in-depth knowledge of BDSM, sexuality.org is a great place to start. They have a fabulous resource list and a number of articles that you may find helpful.

Why do you call it 'play'? Isn't play for kids?

We call it play because it's fun. :) If you really believe that doing something merely for the joy it brings should end with childhood, then you deserve the adulthood you get.

How can I learn to do those mean/scary/owie things?

Another great question! Fortunately, there's an ever-increasing abundance of resources designed to teach these very things. If you live near a major metropolitan area, chances are very good that there's a social group (or two or more) of people interested in the same subject. Finding experienced players to learn from, whether that takes the form of workshops or one-on-one mentoring, is still our favorite way to acquire these skills. Check sexuality.org for information on finding local resources. If you are unable or unwilling to seek out community resources, reading is the way to go. We recommend sexuality.org for articles, how-to's, and a fabulous bibliography. We are particularly fond of the books published by Greenery Press.

I'm having trouble with my order on your store, can you help me?

We'll do our best! Please drop us a line at [email protected].

Who are we more specifically?

Russell is a terrible brute who likes helping pretty girls (and boys) explore new, exciting, and preferably scary places. He's been involved in the Seattle leather scene since the mid-90's. His day job is making computers behave for the House of Gord (our wonderful hosts!), and he handles most of the technical side of this site. Outside of that, he teaches SM and sexuality workshops as half of Flirts, Inc, and is very involved with The Wet Spot, a Seattle-area sex-positive community center. He helped start and is one of the regular DJs for Grind, the Thursday gothic/industrial fetish night there. He's also into bodybuilding, paintball, tabletop rpgs, motorcycles, and spends more time than is good for him puttering around with dance lighting.

Lauren is a "hard femme" bi dyke switch with sadist rising. :) Active in the Seattle BDSM and sex-positive communities for 4 years, she decided to try to make a living doing what she loves - namely, beating up yummy people. In addition to being a pornographer, she slings drinks at a local goth club and spins tunes for Grind at the Wet Spot. Her free time is occupied by good books, chosen family, dancing like a dervish, naps in sunny spots, guerilla artwalks, and a blue-haired batcreature named Maxx. She is a firm believer in shameless joy and the color orange.

How can I model for you guys?

If you are over the age of 18 (and you had better be if you entered the site) and are located in or traveling through the Seattle area, drop us an email at [email protected]. Including pictures of your cuteness will speed the process. For more information on modeling, visit our model info page.