Thank you for considering working with us!

Our vision is to provide fun, sexy, kinetic BDSM content, with a focus on goth/punk/rivethead/rockabilly/etc. models.

Currently, we are seeking new models. We need women, men, and transgender folks who are SM-friendly, reasonably fit, and actively want to enjoy their work! We use a variety of looks, body types, and play styles, adapting scenes to individual capabilities, kinks, and limits. We look for people who can have fun bottoming to me, to Russell, or to us both, and who are able to project that fun on film.

Be aware that our focus is on kinetic play, as opposed to posed shoots. That means things like spanking, flogging, role play, general manhandling, sexual situations, etc. We are able to tailor scenes to many levels of ability and limits, but interaction is important. Although artistic merit is important to us, what we are doing is, fundamentally, porn. *g*

Pay is $175.00 per shoot, payable that day. Shoots typically run between 2-4 hours. Being prepared with clothes and makeup can shorten the time commitment. :)

We believe strongly in the visual appeal of people deeply enjoying what they do. To that end, we want to make sure that your modelling experience with us is a safe and fun one! We will make every effort to negotiate clearly with you before we shoot, and to respect your stated limits with scrupulous care. You will be provided with a safeword before any shooting or play begins, and can expect to have that safeword respected immediately upon its use.

We ask that you take a look at our Model's Bill of Rights, to better understand our commitment to your well-being:

Model's Bill of Rights

â?¢ You have the right to stop any scene at any time by using the safeword "red" or "safeword".

â?¢ You have the right to be given (and should demand) a recognizable safeword or non verbal signal in the event that you are gagged or otherwise unable to say "red" or "safeword".

â?¢ Upon use of a safeword, you have the right to ask that the shoot be stopped completely. Only if you explicitly give your consent will the shoot and scene be continued.

â?¢ You are entitled to personally sanitize any items that are used on you.

â?¢ You are entitled to ask to see fresh condoms applied to any item used on you. You will not be asked to perform any male/female penis-in-vagina sex.

â?¢ You are entitled to ask to see HIV test results for any other model that you have sexual contact with.

â?¢ You are entitled to ask any model or producer to wear latex or nitrile gloves before touching your genitals.

â?¢ You are entitled to ask to have any item tested on you before the scene begins (such as nipple clamps, gags etc).

â?¢ If you choose to end the shoot at any time before the producer wishes to finish, you will be entitled to an appropriate proportion of the modeling fee earned (e.g., if the shoot's about half done, 50% of the fee).

â?¢ You are entitled to a digital copy of all pictures and video used on the website. You understand that these images will be marked with Two Big Meanies copyright information and URL.

â?¢ If you have any complaints about your experiences, you can direct them to the company owners, Lauren Waddell and Russell Harmon by email at [email protected] or by phone at 206-568-7122.

(We want to give props to - their "Model's Rights" document inspired and informed this one. )

so, if you want to work with us, drop us a line- [email protected].