We've been reviewed by a number of places over time- this set all predates our switch to pay-per-download.

Janesguide reviewed us when we first launched, then re-reviewed us a year or so later. Favorite quotes:
"There is a deep level of care, friendship, and fun that penetrates the whole project."
"fun, sassy, kinky, vibrant, and intimately nasty BDSM delivered with a grin and a punch."

Audacia Ray gave us another nice review on SugarClick (I'm not sure if they're related to SugarBank or not, I'd kind of assume so). The pull quote was "BDSM scenes that are playful, hot and respectful of both viewer and doer," which I liked.

TheBestPorn.com gave us a very thorough review early on, and a quick revisit last year. They've got some really neat ideas with building numeric scores based on different criteria and totaling them, I like the transparency that gives the final number. We got a medium-good number, but they also did four separate full-page editor reviews (and paragraph re-reviews)! I wish those were more visually apparent on the page, it actually took me a bit to notice them and I think getting the four different perspectives is really informative. We're going to try to get a complete re-review with these guys soon, since we've made such a major format change. They didn't have quite so much in the way of little sound-bite quotes, probably the best was "a quality fetish package with a lot of personality."

Jaxon Jagonov also gave us a nice review. My favorite quote:
"Everyone's having authentic fun on TwoBigMeanies. They're doing what comes naturally and expressing their freaky thing with gusto. And while they're having fun, they're also aware they've got a paying audience, and they do a good job of being entertaining. It can't be an easy balance to strike - having real sex (or whatever you want to call what they're doing) while also simultaneously putting on an entertaining performance, but TwoBigMeanies does it admirably."