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  • Sharing Dreina

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    This was an interesting shoot, back in summer 2005- Lauren and I co-topped Dreina. We hadn't co-topped together in quite a while, and I think we had some trouble coordinating. The scene worked out okay, though- Dreina's a really fun bottom! We started out just getting everybody into headspace trying to answer the question "how many bits of Dreina can we find to paddle?" After that we strapped her with her back to to a cold cement pillar and her hands over her head, and flogged whatever was handy. Dreina hadn't played at all with electricity before, so we gave her a taste of the violet wand, too.

    We finished the scene with an amusing bit- Lauren and I had picked up a weird little thing at a street fair earlier that summer. It was a bit of PVC tubing just the right size to fit a mini-marshmallow (like you'd put in hot chocolate), shaped like a gun. You'd put the marshmallow in the breech, give a good puff of air, and voila, high-velocity marshmallow! We tormented Dreina with one- I don't know if it was hot, but we all certainly had fun with it. ^-^

  • Madison In Trouble

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    Holy crap was this hot. This is the most recent shoot Madison Young and I did together, which makes me think we should bring her back in to town. I think Lauren's got dibs, though... :/ We did a long two-part scene, and each one ended up so long and so good that needed to split the update into two pieces. Editing conservatively, there was still about an hour and ten minutes of video.

    The first part of the scene started with Madison and I wrestling around on a mat, with her increasingly naked. I had fun mauling her in the process, we both worked up a sweat. The bulk of the first part though is just her chained up spread-eagled against a big piece of bondage furniture, going back and forth between slapping her tits, and slapping her cunt, all nice and hard. Back, and forth, and back and forth, for quite a long time, while the aforementioned bits got redder and redder. I kind of played a little game- slapping her tits until she said they were very sore, then slapping her cunt until she decided her tits were only kinda sore, then back. I gather the 'kinda sore' vs 'really sore' decision got increasingly difficult.

    The second part of the scene was very distinct from the first, I think it makes sense to split them up (although outtakes from both are combined in the second one). I strapped her in to a spanking bench so her ass was in the air- we did this shoot at The Wet Spot, so had plenty of furniture to choose from. I then used a bunch of web straps to hold her down and her thighs apart. This gave very good access to her cunt and asshole, which I took advantage of with slaps from my hand and a stingy little flogger, then teasing her mouth and both orifices with a sharp knife. The knife in her mouth was _so_ hot. Somewhere in there she also had a very nice orgasm while I fucked her with four fingers (stupid US laws against showing fisting, otherwise I probably would have been fucking her with my hand). We moved on to me using an acrylic cane, first in the traditional application then slid up inside her ass while I hit it (the cane, not her ass) with a different one. We finished up the scene with her counting ten good hard strokes across her bottom.

    You see why we divided it up into two. ^-^

  • More than a Handful

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    This was a shoot that didn't work- we stopped midway, but it was hot and entertaining in the process. We had a model coming in from out of town, planning to do shoots with both Lauren and I. Unfortunately, Lauren-the-bartender noticed that the model's drivers license had expired. No valid ID = we couldn't shoot. We had a location and crew for the afternoon, so cast around for other ideas. Nikki and Lucy are friends, we'd shot with both of them before, so we thought why not bring them down? It would be chaotic, but we could play them off against each other with Lauren and I instigating, so it would be chaotic big fun.

    It ended up being such a mad swirl that we called it off after about forty-five minutes. They're both beautiful, the two of them naked together is an amazing thing. Four people though, doing an unplanned, off-the-cuff scene, just didn't have the kind of safety margin we like to run with. We had a couple minor incidents. Nikki got the short end of them, so we sent her home and Lauren and Lucy did a scene that worked much better ("Lucy's Punishment").

    We got some hot footage, with the two of them wrestling around, Lauren and I doing mean things to one or the other, etc. Give the thumb a look, and you'll see why it seemed like a good idea at the time. :) It's only 23 minutes of video and lower stills count than usual though, so we're charging a little less for it. It's a good value- we're keeping our prices low to try to encourage people to buy multiple shoots, and maybe try ones they're not sure about, we'll see how it works.

  • Hurting Sadee

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    Sadee is a regular (if infrequent) play partner of mine, and one of the first people we shot with. It had been a _long_ time since we'd played, the early shoot (up soonishly) might actually have been the last proper scene we did together. I'd done a scene with someone else off-camera a week or so prior where we just hadn't connected, so I really put a lot of attention into the warmup and creating-connection parts of the scene. It worked extremely well, I think this is one of the top fun-and-connected scenes we've done to date. We've got good chemistry to start with, we did simple and fun things, I was very happy with this shoot.

    We played around with some simple bondage- wrists cuffed behind her around a cross, then her on her knees with thumbcuffs behind her back (tougher than it sounds). The main focus was impact play, though. Lots of slapping and punching, a weighted sap, and a riot baton- I'd been saving the baton for a police-themed shoot but I knew how happy it would make her. :)

    Sadee really likes having her face slapped- we finished the scene with a challenge. I told her that I'd keep slapping her face so long as she could maintain eye contact with me (brief involuntary blinks from something swinging toward her face aside), and when she broke eye contact the scene would be over . She tried really hard, but eventually bit her lip, looked down, and tears started welling up. When you set up a scene to end like that and someone's trying to be good for you, it's important to let them know they did well- I gave her plenty of aftercare, and we ended a really hot shoot on a very good note.

    (211 stills, 37:01 of video (640x480 QuickTime @900kbps), 270MB total)

  • Joelle Earns Her Badges

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    This was kind of a 'theme' shoot- we had a costume and a plot-ish idea so built a scene around it. Joelle and I were talking a few days before the shoot, trying to figure out what we were going to do, and she mentioned having a disposable PVC scouting uniform. We ran with that, and ended up with her earning 'merit badges'. The first was in Material Science (i.e. me hitting her with a variety of paddles, her guessing what they were made out of). The second was Knotwork (her working her way out of being tied to a chair, me providing fun distraction). The last one was Arts and Crafts, which consisted of her tied down spread-eagled and me using some of the most disgusting day-glo slime ever to paint her naked body.

    There were a few interesting things about this shoot- one was that we used a guest rigger. One of our camerafolks, Joe, is an accomplished rope top and did the bondage for me. I have to say I really liked it. I'm not particularly a bondage top, I'd just as soon wrestle. Being able to say "I'm picturing a helpless girl, something like this," going away and having a snack, then coming back to exactly what I'd described was pretty neat.

    The slime was also pretty entertaining. For one, I'm not sure which of us was more afraid of it, Joelle or myself. For two, we had a few different colors. When they were separate, it looked actually kinda cool and arty. Once I really started squooshing them around on her though, they mixed. The resulting color was a truly horrifying shade of brown that squicked Lauren very much- she didn't even want to watch the video. ^-^ I thought it was hot even with the frightening color, watching the texture of the slime as it moved over her body- great contrast with her really smooth skin.

  • Reaction Shot

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    (187 stills, 53:22 video)

    This was a two-part scene, both things I was afraid wouldn't come across on video. First part of the scene was Candy against the rack with me doing mean things to her with a TENS unit. Second part was her suspended on a neat piece of equipment that put her feet at just the right hight for me to do mean things to them. It ended up being an intense scene that worked very well, both for us and in video and stills.

    We'd actually tried this shoot the week before and ran into some difficulties, had to postpone it to the following week. We'd come up with the plan looking for ways to get good intensity (which we both like) without a bunch of marking, since her mother was in town. The second time 'round we didn't have that limitation, but we were both so excited about the original plan that we stuck with it.

    Electricity was new to her, but Candy and I had a good time with it. I was afraid it wouldn't look very exciting ("ooh, he twisted the dial again!"), but her reactions are hot and there's no problem telling exactly what's going on. I had a bunch of neat ways of attaching leads to her, it was even photogenic.

    The second half of the scene was me poking, slapping, etc her feet (including using the pokey-zappy-thing, as Lauren and I call it, which I had somehow _completely_forgotten_ during the first part of the scene). It was some really intense play- we actually toned it down a little in the edit. I like pretty girls crying. ^-^ If you don't, you might not like this update. Candy gives _great_ interview though- I think we would have toned it down more if she hadn't been able to so clearly talk about how and why her experience was really good.