(originally posted 21 September)

The Stranger, our favorite local weekly here in Seattle, is running their amateur and locally produced porn contest for the third year. We created Pirate vs Ninja for the first year. Last year we didn't do anything, this year we had some neat ideas but didn't have the time to put anything together, until we got a very sweet note from Dan Savage (the editor) asking if we could _please_ submit something, even if we hadn't shot it specifically for them. I gather he liked PvN, which makes me happy. ^-^

So, we edited Everyone Likes Candy down into a seven-minute short (and by 'we' I mean Red, our wonderful editor) and retitled it 'Lauren Likes Candy'. It's pretty intense, I'll be interested to hear how it goes over with the audience. Very unfortunately, Lauren and Red and I will be on the East Coast the weekend they're showing everything, but we'd love to hear from anyone else that does go!

Speaking of going, the first four screenings sold out, they added two more and those sold out, they added one more today and it hasn't sold out yet. Ticket and other info at the Hump! site.

edited 10/10 to add:
We won! We'll get the short version from the contest up soon. If you're looking for a sample clip from it, there's one here. You can also read about and/or buy the full-length shoot it came from here.

edited 10/11 to add:
Okay, Hump edit is up in the store, proper blog entry about it Real Soon Now. ^-^