(to no avail, which is sad because she cries pretty)

This is a sample clip from part two of 'Lucy is A Brat'. The first part (of the second half) was me working a butt plug into her, then having her use a vibrator while I paddled her ass (and the base of the plug), then after she came and I took the plug out, making her reach back with her hands and hold herself open for a fairly hard spanking directly on her asshole. You'd think she'd be tired after that, but instead she made a very cute comment that opens this video clip...

Much hard spanking followed, some of which is also in the clip.

I put together a little sample video of some of the butt play, but for legal reasons (i.e. fear of persecution by our fundamentalist executive branch of government seeking to Protect The Children) we oughtn't show genitals in the free section. Watching the (fairly key to the plot) blurred area moving around the screen was just too irritating, so you get spanking unless you buy the zipfile via the link to the shoot entry, above. I'm going to keep experimenting with the other samples though, trying to find a way to show the hotness that was this shoot.