(she's quite well-behaved, but she _really_ wanted to...)

Here's a short sample clip (and a couple stills) from 'Joelle Earns Her Badges'.

It was three very distinct scenes (there was a theme, she was earning merit badges, read the original blog entry)- this middle part was her struggling out of rope bondage while I made her life difficult. The last part was Joelle-the-neat-freak spreadeagled while I played with slime:

one more beautiful still from the first part of the scene behind the cut:

The beginning and end of the scene were much more 'shiny' than the middle- paddling her breasts and bottom, colorful slime, etc. The bit with her trying to get out of the bondage was the most real and connected though, I'm hoping the video shows that somewhat. I'm not going to duplicate the full thumbnail, buy links, etc, they're in the blog entry from when we originally posted this.