Something new!

Posted by Russell on March 19th, 2012

I’ve finally launched a new project I’ve been working on, which besides a whole *lot* of new material also incorporates some re-edited Two Big Meanies footage, at Lovingly Handmade Pornography. Check it out!


Madison In Trouble Outtake

Posted by Russell on February 7th, 2012

I’m in the process of re-color-correcting and re-editing Madison In Trouble. This didn’t make the cut, but I thought it was amusing.

Never did get around to trying that.

remastered shorts

Posted by Russell on January 6th, 2012

I’m going through and re-editing some our best older stuff into shorts. Have some hot teasers:

(available here)

(available here)

These are from Marking Up Madison, in case that was somehow unclear. ^-^

Presenting at KinkFest

Posted by Russell on February 4th, 2011

I’m presenting at KinkFest this year, ‘Topping to the Next Level’ and ‘When Things Go Wrong’, along with Max of If you’d like to see some Two Big Meanies video that will (hopefully) never end up on the web, come to the latter of those.

kinkfest banner

Gord cameo!

Posted by Russell on August 13th, 2010

I dropped by to help out at the House of Gord a few weeks ago, and ended up putting in a little appearance. ^-^

Trailers for ‘Lucy is a Brat’

Posted by Russell on October 28th, 2009

We broke ‘Lucy is a Brat‘ up into two parts- the first one is sort of warmup-ish but hot, the second is distinctly not warmup. This is still one of my favorite shoots we’ve done, and here are trailers for both parts:

There’s also a bit more sample video from this shoot in this blog entry.

If you like these, please go buy one or both!

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Posted by Russell on September 30th, 2009

And now for something completely different… A couple years ago, we adapted one of our shoots we particularly liked into a short for a local contest, and won. This was our entry for 2009 (which they didn’t take, no accounting for taste). We think it’s pretty amusing, so here’s the whole thing. Enjoy!

Spoilers behind the cut- watch the video first, it’s a bit under five minutes. Then clicky to read more.

a trailer

Posted by Russell on August 14th, 2009

To distract you from the lack of recent updates (we’ve got new stuff coming! really!), here’s a trailer for Hurting Sadee:

(buy it from here!)

Rose Red

Posted by Lauren on April 4th, 2009

(Sorry, not available to purchase at the moment – this will eventually be on Lovingly Handmade Pornography.)

Hi, everyone! Wow, long time no post. I moved across the country for school, and things got hectic, and I fell off on this a bit lot. Russell’s still running things back in Seattle, though, and I’ll be poking in periodically to update (more frequently than the past year would suggest, sweartagod).

I’m really excited to be getting this shoot to you finally, however. It’s definitely one of my favorites, which isn’t surprising, since Rose is one of my favorite people to play with. She’s adorable and responsive and she *really* likes genital play, as the upcoming stills and video will attest…

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Ooooh, shiny!

Posted by Russell on February 7th, 2009

Nikki’s on Hogtied as of yesterday morning, yum! She’s going by ‘Amber Keen’ there, and I must say looks mighty fine. ^-^

(I’ll try to go through and retag all her shoots with the new stage name sometime soon)

Recruiting Emily

Posted by Russell on August 17th, 2008

(Sorry, not available to purchase at the moment – this will eventually be on Lovingly Handmade Pornography.)

This was an entertaining little scene- very early on, we were experimenting with on-camera roleplay (verdict- Russell can’t act). Emily and I had fun doing our psuedo-military thing, though. The idea was that ‘Tyler’ was trying to join my nonspecified-paramilitary-type-unit (with paintball gear in the background because I had some). I treat ‘him’ just like I would any guy trying to join up- making him do pushups, testing his obedience, fondling him inappropriately, etc. I eventually pick up on her actual gender and continue the induction process with more nudity. :) Plenty of forced exercise, and some nice boot worship.

topping skills: ‘Specialized Tools’ workshop

Posted by Russell on June 6th, 2008

This weekend is part four of the ‘Topping to the Next Level’ workshops I’ve been teaching with Max of

The first was ‘Techniques for Thoughtful Tops‘.

The second was ‘How To Push‘.

The third was ‘Hot Negotiation‘.

And now the last is ‘Specialized Tools‘. We’re going to talk about some of the most commonly encountered unusual topping challenges, with tools to make your scenes successful. More details at the link, but it’s this Sunday, 1-4pm, at the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

‘Hot Negotiation’ workshop

Posted by Russell on May 5th, 2008

For those of you in Seattle, I’m teaching a workshop this Sunday with Max of on ‘Hot Negotiation‘. This is part three of our ‘Topping to the Next Level’ series, and as usual we’ve got a ton of material to present and some (hopefully) hot demonstrations.

More info here, expect I’ll see a bunch of you there. ^-^

Toasting Dreina

Posted by Russell on March 17th, 2008

(Sorry, not available to purchase at the moment – this will eventually be on Lovingly Handmade Pornography.)

This is one of our medium-earlier shoots. Dreina and I had been playing together for quite a while with great chemistry and well-established very bratty dynamic; there wasn’t much of a theme besides ‘do terrible things to Dreina and make us both happy.’ She was chilly starting out (we’d actually just shot a scene with her and Lauren that involved her getting sprayed with quite a bit of water). So, I warmed her outsides with some fire, then warmed her insides by chasing her around the room with Mean Implements(tm), then warmed her bottom with a short caning (there was also some poking with sharp sticks).

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topping workshop

Posted by Russell on February 4th, 2008

Seattle people, next weekend I’m teaming up with Max of Bondage Lessons to present the first in a series of workshops we’ve been working on for a while. The first is this Sunday, titled ‘Topping to the Next Level: Techniques for Thoughtful Tops‘, with more scheduled for the second Sundays in March, April, and May (‘How to Push’, ‘Hot Negotiation’, and ‘Topping Styles’ respectively). Some of you have probably been to the popular workshops Erika and I have taught on stuff like ‘how to throw a flogger well’. This set is focusing on what we think it takes to really make a good scene- structure, skills for building and maintaining connection, creating tension- the often-neglected but very important soft skills. More info if you follow the link above…

Soaking Madison

Posted by Russell on January 7th, 2008

Buy this scene here!

(92 stills, 3:48 video)

Lauren and I had a fun-and-a-bit-silly-but-nonetheless-hot idea for something, and we made it happen after we were done shooting ‘Madison Scrubbed Down‘. We wanted to hang a pretty girl up in the air and soak the heck out of her with squirtguns. Our friend Max (of was happy to swing by and do a quick guest suspension for us, and I brought a small arsenal of waterguns. The end result was a few minutes of video, just under a hundred stills, two entertained meanies, and one very dripping girl.

This worked well in a few different ways. Madison loves rope, so she was happy just getting up in the air. People respond very viscerally to water (especially cold water, which some of this was) running over their face when they can’t do anything about it. Something about the process of choosing targets on a helpless pretty girl is really satisfying. Plus, Madison looked really good soaking wet.

You may notice one of the squirtguns appears in the stills but not the video. What happened is I failed to warn Maxx and Red (who were running the video cameras) that I was about to bring out my big guns. I made sure that Kurt had a good shot for the stills, and assumed that they’d notice the setup, which they didn’t. When I used it there was a sizable amount of splashback (including toward our expensive lights), and they were too busy diving out of the way to get good footage. That one’s really an outdoor toy, but hopefully someday we’ll be able to use it again.

For more of us shooting pretty girls with things, see: Dreina on the Rack, Lucy’s Punishment, Introducing Nikki, Sharing Dreina, and Not Wrestling. There’s a sample still after the cut.

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Madison Scrubbed Down

Posted by Russell on November 14th, 2007

Shorts available to purchase here, here, and here on Lovingly Handmade Pornography.

Madison Young looks damn fine strapped down on a gurney. That could have almost been the scene by itself. I had these ideas for mean things I wanted to do to her, though, and having a pretty girl helpless and open like that invites certain… abuses. ^-^

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2007 Hump Winner

Posted by Russell on October 16th, 2007

We won ‘Best Hardcore’ in The Stranger‘s Hump 2007 Amateur and Locally Produced Porn Contest. We’d created Pirate vs Ninja for the first one a couple years ago, and this year they asked us very nicely to send something in. We edited down ‘Everyone Likes Candy‘ into a seven-minute package and called it ‘Lauren Likes Candy‘. The audiences thought it was pretty intense, but still voted for us for Best Hardcore (as opposed to Best Funny/Erotic, the other prize).

There’s a short sample clip available. You can also buy the award-winning short for cheap, or read about and/or buy the full-length shoot.

Lauren will add to this at some point, just wanted to get something up. ^-^

Having Fun With Emily

Posted by Russell on October 10th, 2007

Buy shorts from this here, here, here, here, and here.

Emily is _adorably_ cute. We didn’t particularly plan out this shoot, just played with the stuff we both like. Lots of play with sharp metal things, impact on sensitive bits, etc. Much of the first part of the shoot she’s not restrained at all, on purpose so I could watch her struggle to hold still while I did terrible things to her. ^-^ She was a good girl but did squeak and squirm quite a bit, so eventually some bondage was needed. Once she was pretty immobile, I told her to shake her tits for me or I’d do more mean things. That was of course grossly unfair, but she did her best.

The second part of the scene included a first for Emily (imagine, she’d never had someone smear tiger balm in her asshole). This got intense pretty fast, but we were able to recover nicely. We finished with some unique uses for flash cotton, read on for details…

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Two Big Meanies in ‘Hump!’

Posted by Russell on October 10th, 2007

(originally posted 21 September)

The Stranger, our favorite local weekly here in Seattle, is running their amateur and locally produced porn contest for the third year. We created Pirate vs Ninja for the first year. Last year we didn’t do anything, this year we had some neat ideas but didn’t have the time to put anything together, until we got a very sweet note from Dan Savage (the editor) asking if we could _please_ submit something, even if we hadn’t shot it specifically for them. I gather he liked PvN, which makes me happy. ^-^

So, we edited Everyone Likes Candy down into a seven-minute short (and by ‘we’ I mean Red, our wonderful editor) and retitled it ‘Lauren Likes Candy’. It’s pretty intense, I’ll be interested to hear how it goes over with the audience. Very unfortunately, Lauren and Red and I will be on the East Coast the weekend they’re showing everything, but we’d love to hear from anyone else that does go!

Speaking of going, the first four screenings sold out, they added two more and those sold out, they added one more today and it hasn’t sold out yet. Ticket and other info at the Hump! site.

edited 10/10 to add:
We won! We’ll get the short version from the contest up soon. If you’re looking for a sample clip from it, there’s one here. You can also read about and/or buy the full-length shoot it came from here.

edited 10/11 to add:
Okay, Hump edit is up in the store, proper blog entry about it Real Soon Now. ^-^